Laboratories success through better decision making

The 8 Principles
of Laboratory


Follow the 8 Principles of Laboratory Performance:


Boost the bottom line or bust

We remain relevant only if we strive for a tangible bottom line impact.

Lead with a common language

We are more efficient when we understand our business and share ownership of what we are trying to achieve.

Trust the transparency

We are more effective when we commit to sharing information across boundaries within our organisation.

Facts or figures, no fluff

We make smart decisions when we present the business case openly and honestly.

Driven by decisiveness

We move faster when we have the power to act with certainty — and without hesitation.

Accuracy is paramount

We get things done accurately when we set our expectations and measure our results.

Big impact beats small

We achieve our ideals when we prioritise by expected results and anticipated resource requirements.

Knowledge knows no bounds

We remain sustainable and competitive as long as we share what we know to be true



It used to be true that the only way to achieve success is to be innovative. Today, innovation is critical for survival. We know innovation is only possible when risk is effectively managed, reduced or entirely removed. The 8 Principles is a new philosophy, based in diagnostics, that allow laboratories to be innovative through certainty. 


Get the 8 Principles in your lab today.